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I'm doing NOTHING the rest of the day!

Off today and tomorrow. Woke up around noon. Washed three loads of laundry. Hung up the two smoke detectors I bought about three weeks ago, one outside my sons bedroom door, one outside mine. Currently doing some internet stuff while listening to "The News-Star Hour" online. After the show, going to head to the living room, park my carcass in the comfy chair, and continue to try to catch up on watching that huge unwatched DVD pile! Started watching some of them yesterday evening, but got nostalgic about Harvey Korman's passing, and watched a couple of old "Carol Burnett Show" VHS tapes again, followed by my "Blazing Saddles" DVD. Might get "nostalgic" again before the evening is over, and drag out my "Bo Diddley Is A Gunslinger" CD...

After reading onlylisa's post about her overflowing dishwasher, I'm glad I don't have one! Still wash my dishes the "old-fashioned" way... in the kitchen sink with Ajax liquid and hot water. Get those nice wrinkly hands afterwards.
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