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Son is offline for a while

This morning Andrew downloaded and installed SP1 for Vista and installed it. All went well. He then installed the "Optional" updates, and lost all internet connectivity. Apparently the update for the wireless USB adapter that receives the signal from the Linksys router in this room, lost the drivers. Before going to work today, I tried uninstalling, then reinstalling the software for the device on his PC, to no avail. I tried resetting all the network connections, nada. Sooo... as a last resort, I gave him the HP restore discs I made for that computer when I had it, told him to back up all the stuff he wants to keep on CDs and DVDs (he knows how to do that, he's had to do it before), then reformat. After the reformat, reinstall the device driver from the Linksys CD, if it works, go to Grisoft and download the free AVG AntiVirus, then do Windows Update, WITHOUT the "optional" updates, just SP1 for Vista.

I installed the optional updates on this Vista machine, no problems occurred. At least, none that have popped up yet...
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