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Shorter Hours

For the next couple of weeks, the job has cut EVERYONE'S hours by a few hours a week, mine are cut down from the usual 40, to 33. They cite lower sales as the reason (I don't really believe that though, we seem busy as ever!). A few of the days they have me working 7 hour shifts, and if I can, I'm going to use a ploy to get out of the store an hour earlier those days.

Today for example: I'm scheduled to work 2-9pm. You don't necessarily have to clock out for the lunch hour at the time posted on the schedule, you can go a bit earlier if you're caught up on stuff, or you can go later, just not over 6 hours later, you'd get a write-up for that. If I clock in at 2:00, wait till 8:00 to go to lunch, and I'm only scheduled till 9:00, I can just go ahead and go home. Nothing "illegal" about that, already asked some co-workers that have worked there several years.

Just need to eat a decent amount before leaving the house today!
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