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Even when out of school, my son has managed to PISS me off royally! He was telling his grandmother and I that his ex-girlfriend and her brother were calling here constantly, saying bad things to him, then hanging up. Both his grandmother and I answered a couple of calls from that number at some point today (earlier when he brought the wireless handset next door to her place), then a couple of hours ago, I picked up the phone, and told them the same thing... call here again, we are calling the sheriff's department and reporting harrassing phone calls.

Well, they called two more times. I call the sheriff's department to report it. I get a call back from the sheriff's department, the deputy said he was at the parent's house of the callers, and... this is where I get royally pissed... they have calls from MY number on their caller ID!

Right then, I ask Andrew if he had been calling there. He said, probably "accidentally", that his NEW girlfriends number is similar to theirs. At this point, I'm thinking, "How dumb does this kid think I am?!?". I told the deputy what my son said, he had the same response, "You really believe that?", which I replied, "No.". The deputy then said he wouldn't put it on report because of the ages of the kids, and the circumstances, because if he did, my sons name would be on the report also.

After I get off the phone with the deputy (very polite guy), I question Andrew a bit. He then said, after they called at 3am one night, he called them back. Bad move, Exlax! You don't call people back that are "supposedly" giving you harrasing phone calls! He pretty much admitted there that he called them on purpose, not "accidentally".

I then ask him for the number of his new girlfriend. Nothing similar about the two numbers... not even the same NEIGHBOURHOOD similarity wise!

Gave him what was probably the biggest yelling fit I've ever given him, sent him to his room, and warned him if he causes any more sh*t like this, where the local authorities are involved, I'm removing EVERY electronic gadget from his room, and he's NEVER getting them back! He has since been very quiet. Hopefully he is mulling over this huge mistake he has made.

Do I need this kind of stress on the start of my two days off work for the week? I think not!

/needs a drink... or four...
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