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Updates to yesterdays post

We got two whole pallets of large 18's and large 12's on the truck last night after all, but didn't get any of the "variety" eggs (as I call them). So, we ran out of the cage free and extra large dozens instead.

Talked to the girls ex-husband today. He's also friends with Wilber, who works in the dairy section with me. I'd seen him around Wilber numerous times since I started in the dairy, but never knew he was the girls ex-husband until today. Back when her and I worked together at Burger King in the 90's, she was divorced from her first husband. This fellow was her second husband. I informed him that all the rumours were false, and that I didn't even know her and I were supposedly dating each other until yesterday. He said it was okay with him if I wanted to date her, he really had no feelings toward her at all anymore, he just wanted to make sure I wasn't talking bad about him, which I confirmed I hadn't been. Kind of difficult to talk bad about a person you've never really met! I told him I had no intention of "dating" anyone anytime soon, my budget won't handle it! Prudently, I didn't mention the thing about how I wouldn't mind if she were a "friend with benefits" however...

Most names left out to protect the innocent.

As for my Memorial Day holiday plans, just the same ol' same ol'. Got off work at 7 this evening, put in a load of laundry, and after they finish drying, I'll probably get off the 'puter, go to the living room, and watch some DVDs. Probably a bunch of the same the next two days, before returning to work at 2pm Wednesday.
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