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Random Work Bites (as in sound bites... or maybe not)

We actually ran out of the 12 and 18 count cartons of large eggs today (bad for that to happen on a Saturday). Not sure what is up with the egg situation. Joey, the dairy manager, said that we should have gotten an entire pallet of large dozens Thursday evening on the truck (we ran out around 3:30 that afternoon). When the truck arrived, they only sent 5 cases, which didn't last through the next morning! Friday night, truck didn't arrive until after 10pm, I found out today. Only 12 cases of large 18 count eggs, 8 cases of large dozen. We were completely out of those about an hour and a half before I left this evening.

Liz, the floral manager (whose department is right next to dairy), did a scan of a carton of large 12's with her inventory thingy. The machine said that none would be coming this evening, the warehouse was out. If that is actually the case, we might as well cover up the egg bunker tomorrow, we won't have anything to stock it with! That'll be interesting. People that get the government WIC program (From the government website, described as "The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children"), can only get the dozen large size with those vouchers, so if we don't have any, they are up sh*t creek. I've gotten numerous complaints the times we have ran out, and I'm not the one responsible, I just stock the things!

In other words, to make a long story short... Wal-Mart's automated inventory process sucks donkey b*lls!

Saw the girl that lived here in my house for a short time (back in the very early 90's) yesterday, before I met the ex-demon. We chatted a bit (I was stocking yogurt at the time), she had her oldest daughter with her. Apparently she is getting married for a second time next month. Deep in my heart, I wanted to give her my condolences for going the marriage route twice, but resisted. Congratulated her instead. She said she still has the two cassettes I made for her back in the day, the CD to cassette dubs of Wilson Phillips, and the "Cry Baby" soundtrack. I thought to myself, "Damn, she's as big of a pack rat as I am!"

Now, onto something more "meaty". A scandal seems to be developing at the job, and I'm smack-dab in the middle of the thing! The person I mentioned in the first paragraph of THIS POST, came up to me and asked had I heard the "rumour" going around. Only rumour I had heard lately was from some crazy old lady when I was out stocking shelves, asking me if I'd heard that the truck drivers for Wal-Mart were only going to start delivering goods to stores once a month because of gas prices. She said that wasn't it, there was a rumour going around that her and I were dating. I hadn't heard that one before.

A bit later, she walks up to me, saying her ex-husband (who I found out for the first time works in the same store, in the meat department), said something to her about she was dating someone in the dairy department, and that person was saying bad things about him. I'm not really sure WHO works in the meat department, and wouldn't even know her ex-husband if he snuck up behind me and hit me with a fly swatter (yes, I've been "inside" the store since last November, but still don't "interact" with many people outside the dairy department)! The most I've ever told the other people I know well in the store, when they see us talking, is "We used to work together at Burger King ages ago!". Guess that got twisted somehow into "We're humping every night!"

Only times I've seen her since the Burger King days (she left there about 3 years before I did, I left in 2000), is currently occassionally during work. No "dating" is taking place. We are friendly at the start of her working there because we knew each other ages ago. The old friendship just started where it left off. She is a friend, nothing more, but just out of spite, because of the current situation, the "with benefits" clause in the "Friends" one could take place at least once, I wouldn't complain.

Bad thing, she was talking about going to management about her ex. I'd hate to lose a job over something I wasn't even responsible for in the first place. That has happened before, at the convenience store I worked at...

/won't actively date a woman with three kids... one at most
//not looking to start any relationships with anyone living in Louisiana
///anyone out of Louisiana possibly
////anyone in Louisiana would have to fit into "friends with benefits" category
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