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Quick Question (or maybe not)...

I worked 1-10pm today, which had my lunch hour between 5-6pm, the time the "News-Star Hour" is aired live on local radio (KMLB 540AM), so, as usual, I went out to my truck on the parking lot to listen to it, catching it around 20 minutes into the show. Corey Crowe and Bob Teague mentioned my "blog" posts about the show yet again. Think Bob mentioned something about how big his head looked in the still I posted.

So, I decides ta (yikes, sounding like Bill Saluga doing his Raymond J. Johnson,Jr. schicht) download the "Wednesday" podcast to hear the first 20 minutes of the show. Hear my name in the opening. Later, I realize, they haven't uploaded the "wedtalk" file for this week yet. They mentioned my name last week at the top of the show, I missed it live apparently. In the downloaded show (a week old apparently), they refer to me as their "favorite listener". Guess because I'm getting the show a "global reach" as Bob once said. I'm "global?" apart from my friends in Great Britain, Canada, and Australia? That's not the "quick question" however, but feel free to comment! ;-)

Main reason I like the show so much is the banter between Corey and Bob, reminds me of the old TRSE days, when my friends and I recorded fake radio shows on cassette. Some of that banter was about the same. I used decent equipment to record the shows, and the tapes I've transfered to CD sound better than the original recordings, hardly no static at all ("FM"?) Had a Radio Shack mixer, variety of mics, even sounded decent when doing a video simulcast. Used a cable splitter at the time (1985), to split the audio from the cassette recorder (which was stereo) to the Emerson 2-piece VHS camcorder bought at Howard's Brandiscount (which was mono):

Mic placement was a bit "rudementary", no mic stands at the time, did what I could do, but it seemed to work, especially on the original audio version.

Not tryin' to brag on my results with makeshift audio equipment, but my friends that made the recordings back in the day (mostly the 80's), have been surprised their voices have been preserved so well till 2008.

I know Bob Teague is reading this via the Facebook feed of my LiveJournal. About the only thing I post directly to Facebook is my status. :-)

Question: If local radio personalities mention one (on more than one occassion), and the one is making occassional blog posts about the show, but hosts acknowledge the exposure may give the show a larger audience, is the blogger being a nusance or a help?
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