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Just now trying out the built in FM tuner

Just now trying out the built-in FM tuner in the new computer I've had since February. On the way home from work, on LA105.3FM, Corey Crowe and another Bob (not the one on "The News-Star Hour") were live on-air talking about the nasty storms going through the area tonight, instead of what they usually air, "Nights with Alice Cooper". After getting home, I finally hooked up that little wired FM antenna that came with the 'puter, started up Windows Media Center, went over to "Music", then "Radio", then put the local station into it, and it works just fine. They are STILL discussing the weather alerts as of this post, taking calls from listeners living in the surrounding areas.

Yes, I KNOW I'm a bit of an idiot by hooking an extra wire to the PC during a severe thunderstorm, but I'm just crazy that way!
Tags: computers, radio, weather

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