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Mom ills

Mom has had high blood pressure for a couple of years now, but is successfully keeping it under control. Yesterday, she found out, after having some blood work done, she now has type 2 diabetes. She has a prescription for pills to take, and has to lay off sugary and "white" foods, such as rice, potatos, and white breads.

Both illnesses have run in her side of the family, guess I'll be next in line to get those "nasties". My blood pressure has been running a bit higher than it should for at least as long as the last time I saw a doctor with a sinus infection (a few months back). The nurse had asked me, after taking my blood pressure, if I had high blood pressure, I told her "not that I know of". Been testing it periodically with mom's monitor, and the top number has never read below 135, bottom number never under 90 this entire time. Been putting off seeing a doctor strictly about it however, because I don't picture myself changing my habits any. I'm "stubborn" that way...
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