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Not really certain if the charity hospital diagnosed my problems correctly or not. Just spent most of the weekend in a for-profit hospital after passing out and hitting my head Friday morning. They ran a battery of tests. Blood pressure was 149/93, which is considered very high. They determined that the rise in pressure was what more than likely caused the black out.
As for what caused it, they ruled out a heart condition or anything in my head or lungs. The doctor said more than likely it was stress (which after discussing things with him, we determined that I WAS under at my old job and recently HAVE BEEN at my new job!) and a bit of depression. He wants me to take a couple weeks off to see how I do, but one of his suggestions was to try to find some work outside the fast food line.
Being the stay at the hospital will be draining whatever small budget I have, he said I could have my files transfered to the charity hospital for follow-ups. There is ONE doctor at the charity hospital, Dr. Emil Luther, who knows what he is doing and told me once ANYTHING I needed to contact him. He's even the one who performed my vasectomy. So, this morning, I'm calling the Family Practice Clinic there to see if in a few days I can get in to see him. The practice clinic is the area of the hospital for those who want special procedures (like vasectomies and my son's circumcision) for ongoing illnesses like stress and high blood pressure. Gotta keep it checked, otherwise libel to drop dead of a heart attack! Currently taking a blood pressure and a nerve pill.

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