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Nice program, so far anyways...

The past couple of days, I've been trying out yet another "all-in-one" IM client. I was happy with Trillian Pro up until about the middle of last year. Back in late 2006, they put up a page announcing, "Trillian Astra: Coming January 2007". Well, here it is nearly a year and a half later, and all they've managed is a private "alpha" for testing. So much for Trillian in my book... they shouldn't announce something if they KNOW it's going to be so slow in development! Needless to say, I didn't renew my "Pro" membership. I had renewed it in late 2006 in anticipation of the Astra release. Methinks they were just out for money.

Since around the middle of last year, been using Pidgin (formerly "Gaim") mostly as my all-in-one chat thingy. Been quite happy with it. Totally free, open source program, updated regularly. No major problems with that program.

The other day, I saw a couple of folks over on 's forums mention a program called "Digsby". Figured I'd download it and try it out. Not a bad program at all. Still in a "beta" stage, but hasn't crashed once (not YET, anyway). You can put most of your chat client info in it (AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, Jabber), and social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace). The developers aren't charging for the program (not yet, anyway, you never know down the line what might happen with "new" software!). The program has a nice, sleek, skinnable interface, doesn't look quite as "clunky" as Pidgin.
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