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My cat used to sleep next to me, but the past few nights...

My cat Eastwood (named by my Uncle Bill), has suddenly taken up sleeping on an ancient pillow on an ancient faux leather sofa in the room of the house that was originally the kitchen, before my dad built on to the house in the late 1960's (never sure WHAT to call that room now!). The pillow, according to my mom, was given to them by my late Uncle Robert (a younger brother of my dad), who bought it at a souvenier shop on one of he and my Aunt Traudl's visits to Mexico. Most of the lettering on the pillow has peeled away over the years, no one remembers WHERE in Mexico it was from.

The cat seems to have become attached to it like he has that stuffed baby "Kermit the Frog", that originally belonged to my son before the ex and I divorced and she left it behind...

Trouble is... the frog is machine washable, the ancient pillow not so much... guess I need to get a lint roller... for the pillow, not Eastwood!

Speaking of Aunt Traudl, a repost of the closest I'll probably ever get to meeting a "celebrity" in real life... my mom and Aunt Tradl went to Branson, Missouri and got their picture taken with Yakov Smirnoff the Russian comedian (mom on the left)...

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