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Fire!!! Fire!!!

Had a little "excitement" at work today. The McDonalds restaurant that leases a section in the back of Wal-Mart had a rather huge grease fire around 7:30 this evening. Al, one of the people greeters, was back in that area around the time, and since the McDonald's employees were just standing there watching the blaze, Al grabbed a fire extinguisher and put out the fire. Shortly after that, the West Monroe Fire Department arrived on the scene. Some of the upper management of the local McDonalds franchise also showed up a bit later, and started the clean-up. The restaurant is near the dairy section where I work, so I saw mostly the whole thing as it happened. It was rather smokey for a while.

They never re-opened this evening, to state the obvious. Not sure if they will be able to open tomorrow or not. Being things were under control, or as best as they could be, we didn't have to evacuate the store or anything.
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