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I've been crowned... temporarily at least...

Just got home from the dentist, and boy is the right side of my face numb! Turns out the tooth with the chip in it was salvagable. Dr. Hughes X-rayed it and said it was still structurally sound. After quite a bit of drilling and filing, then taking an impression of the upper and lower teeth on the right side, he fitted the tooth with a temporary crown, and said the permanent one should be ready within 2½ weeks, he'll call when it's ready. Didn't have to pay anything today... I'll find out the "damage" when I go for the final stage of the procedure...

Also, he said I might not want to eat anything I might need to open my mouth wide for during the next several hours, because, since the needle with the novacaine had to go through the gums all the way back to the nerves, it'd probably be rather sore for a while.

After so many years not getting any major work done, nearly forgot about that dreaded "burning smell" you first smell when the drill initially starts...
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