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Finally bought a portable MP3 player

On my lunch hour at work, I generally like to go out to the truck to eat my lunch and listen to talk radio. I have no problems on days I work 1-10pm, lunch hour falls in the 5-6pm timeframe, and I can listen to Corey Crowe and Bob Teague "battle it out" on "The News-Star Hour" on KMLB 540-AM. I find that highly entertaining.

However, any other shift, or if the 1-10pm shift is on a Saturday or Sunday, nothing worth listening to on local talk radio (sometimes KMLB even just has "dead air", or a damn sports game on during that time frame), and I tend to get a tad annoyed. Don't want to listen to the classic rock FM station I listen to on the way to work... want something "new and informative". That is why I "broke down" and bought the MP3 device I bought this evening.

It's a Philips SA4111/37 model, 1GB capacity (more than enough for the "talk only" podcasts I'll be putting on it). I'll put a lot of Leo Laporte podcasts on it probably, and listen to those on my lunch hour.
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