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Random Wal-Mart Post

I discovered yesterday that, no matter how sick you are, no matter how ill a family member might be, even if you call in, and produce a doctors excuse, you have to report to work at Wal-Mart, otherwise, it is considered an "unexcused absence". In other words, you can be at "deaths door", and still have to come in to work, unless you know at least three weeks in advance you are going to be sick, or a family member is going to be sick, on any particular given day. That policy makes no sense at all.

A manager talked to me about that yesterday evening, mentioning the times I hadn't been to work the past few months (all but one of which I had a written excuse...forgot to ask the doctor for one ONE time). One of those times I woke up with a fever running 103F, yet apparently I should have came on in to work. If my son should suddenly need attention for something major, and my mom isn't available, I guess I'm just supposed to "let it go". Tried explaining that to the doofus manager, but all she said was "I have kids, I have arrangements made for those kinds of things." ONLY "arrangement" I have, and can get at this time is my mother... ex-wife doesn't give a damn about my son, and even if she DID, she lives over 200 miles away, so that wouldn't be any help in an emergency.

If there were better options for employment here, I'd start job hunting again. Keeping my eye on the "Best Buy" they are building across the river, plan on putting an application in there when they start accepting them, otherwise, Wal-Mart is the only option for decent employment here. Not moving, because the house is paid for, and a move would be very cost prohibitive for me anyway.

No wonder, at the Wal-Mart store I work at (number 307), we have lost two employees this year already. By "lost", I don't mean they quit, I mean they died, and both were only in their mid 50's. Damn place don't let you go to the doctor when you are sick! So, if you see an extremely long time without me posting something (give it a month or so), you'll know what became of me.

If any "high-ups" at Wal-Mart stumble across this post, I really don't care. FUCK 'EM!
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