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at&t again

Twice in the past week, my mothers phone has went out (for a change... usually mine!). Today, they narrowed it down to a breaker switch in the "box up the road". My mom and I have a theory, I'll see if it passes the smell test here...

This area used to be a highly "rural" area. Just within the past 10 years, woods have been cut down, and numerous houses, apartment complexes, and trailer parks have been put in their place. Both my mom and I think the phone company infrastructure just wasn't actually ready for the sudden burst in development, thus, all the "outage" problems, ALL seem to be at that notorious "box up the road". Add to all of the above, the elementary/middle school just up the road, which probably has DSL for the computer labs... you've got a mess! Time for a MAJOR overhaul of the infrastructure by at&t...
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