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Random Stupid Question #123456789

Does one have too many DVDs in ones collection if he buys season four of a TV series, thinking he has season three, then after getting home, remembers he must have seen those season three episodes on TVLand (has seasons one and two however)?

The down low: I was in Target the other day to mainly pick up season two of "Robot Chicken", which someone told me they had seen there. Got that, then, while browsing, saw season four of "Three's Company" for $19.99 (about $10 less than I remembered paying for what I thought was season three-turns out it was two). As a result, went ahead and picked that up, "Three's Company" was another show I watched weekly in the late 70's/early 80's as a teen (Joyce DeWitt...Yowza!).

After getting home, looked through my DVDs (which are by genre and alphabetical order), no season three to be seen. THAT'S when I came to the conclusion that I must have seen those episodes on TV Land Network, and only thought I'd bought the set. Therefore, I decided to try Amazon, to fill in that one season "gap" that I somehow missed.

Once going to Amazon however, I noticed they had all the seasons (except season one, it was a single disc), for only $13.99 per season (each season around 24 episodes, 4 discs per set). Went ahead and ordered seasons three, five, six, seven, and eight, which the grand total qualified for free shipping, bringing the grand total for the remainder of "Three's Company" to $69.95no complaints there! Got an email this evening saying they've shipped via the postal service, faster than the March 17th date they gave me in the original confirmation email.

Now that I'll have the complete series of "Three's Company", I need to get started on the series it was based on, "Man About The House"... first two series are available on DVD...

/has all of "Sanford & Son" already
//wonders when us on this side of the "pond" will get some "Steptoe & Son" on DVD, except for the two movies, which he already has...
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