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Found one of my sons asthma inhalers, luckily the one with the most medicine in it. Wasn't in his room at all. Apparently he had carried it into the computer room and sat it down on the podium thingy the cat sits on to look out the window, cat later knocked it off on the floor, thought it was a toy, and swatted it around a bit, causing it to go halfway under the chest of drawers in the room (at least that's my theory, because of where it was found). I was putting away some bill stubs in the chest of drawers yesterday morning, and saw a bit of something red sticking out from the bottom of them. It was the inhaler. My son now has instructions to leave it in the kitchen next to the pill box where his other medicines are kept, that way everyone will know where it is!

Turns out, I found out yesterday, that Kenny at work isn't going to Baton Rouge after all, according to Joey (the Dairy manager), the "emergency" Kenny had seems to have passed, and he'll be back at work today.

Got a "profit bonus" on my paycheck yesterday. Always good to have a little extra "moola"...

Just yesterday, it was in the mid 60's F outside. Overnight, with high winds, a cold front moved in, and temp has dropped to 40F. Cloudy outside, they are predicting a mix of rain and snow. Gonna be a dreary day. I'll be at work from 11am-8pm.
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