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Getting things slowly set up...

After getting my federal tax refund yesterday, I made a trip to Office Depot and purchased a new PC. Now, I know you're probably saying to yourself, "Didn't that idiot just buy a new computer around this time last year?!?"

Answer is, "Yes I did."

However, the one I bought last year was a bit clunky when doing large video files, so I decided, instead of buying more memory, larger hard drive, better video card, etc... I figured it might be more economical to just buy a whole new machine with the features I needed, and, as I did last year, "donate" the new "old PC" to the son.

Bought another HP Pavilion(I've had good luck with HP and Compaq over the years), with a built in TV tuner that receives both analog and digital broadcasts, video input jacks on the front, 4GB RAM, two 340GB hard drives, FM radio tuner, 15-in-one card reader, LightScribe DVD/CD burner, HD-DVD/DVD/DVD Rom/CD/CD Rom player (yes, I realize I'll NEVER use that HD-DVD feature), some kind of "Media Drive" bays that I'll probably never use either, HDMI output, Intel Quad Core processor,etc.

Also decided to buy the full version of Vista Home Premium(32 bit), and install it over the supplied 64 bit version, because I have a LOT of software that won't work on 64 bit, also, I thought it wouldn't hurt to wipe out all the HP "crapware" on the PC. Hit a snag on the HP software front though... I wiped out the drivers for the Realtek ethernet card in the process and couldn't get online! Went to my sons room, downloaded the drivers, burned 'em to a CD, was "good to go" again!

Also bought AVG Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware (with a two-year license), and a new 19" HP LCD monitor (since Andrew hit the other one with a stapler and put a scratch on it a while back...he now has that monitor, to replace the 17" Compaq CRT that had originally came with my first PC (bought in 1999).

I'm slowly getting everything loaded onto this new PC, including the drivers for the new printer/scanner/copier I bought with part of my paycheck last week at my job (10% off don't hurt!). Haven't had a chance to try out the Kodak branded machine yet (bought that because the cartridges are cheaper), taking a break to listen to "The News Star Hour" online (or, "The Broom Closet Crew", in reference to an earlier post) as I'm making this rather lengthy, boring post. Strangly though, I can't get "captions" to work on Webcam32 on this machine... they worked on the other Vista machine (that wasn't using an "actual" Vista disc... it was OEM).

After buying all the above stuff, I came out of Office Depot around $2200 poorer... but hopefully it'll all be worth it!
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