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Off days, "To do's", and the internets...

Off work today and tomorrow. Early this afternoon, after the laundry is finished, Andrew and I will be going to Wal-Mart to buy some groceries, the house has become rather barren of food stuffs. He's out of school today for "President's Day", and will be out tomorrow because teachers are having one of those "in-service" meetings.

Tomorrow afternoon I'm going to the insurance agents to get a new policy on this house. Old policy was the one my mom originally had on this place. Getting the new policy through a different insurer, around $200/year less than mom had been paying, and with nearly three times the coverage that she had on it!

Speaking of mom, that "lemon" of a Chevrolet she bought new in 2005 is currently in the shop for the umpteenth time since she's had it. It "died" Thursday when her and Andrew were in route to his annual eye checkup over at LSU Medical Center Monroe. They were still able to get to the appointment, albeit a little later than scheduled. After the appointment, she called my uncle to come get them, and drive them over to Ryan Chevrolet, where the car was towed to. Salesman that originally sold her that hunk of junk tried to sell her a new car while she was there, and according to Andrew, she came right out and said, "I was hoping this car would last me the rest of my life. If it doesn't, I'm not buying another GM product, it'll either be a Mazda, Toyota, or Honda!"

In still other news, the internets were out ALL DAY yesterday yet again. After I got home from work last night, the "internet" light on the DSL modem was still red (should be green), so I call up the pinheads at ATT (at least the phone didn't go out this time, as it usually does! They start the usual rigamaroll about how it's more than likely a problem on my end, and put me through to a technical person, a guy named "Alan", with a thick Indian accent. I decide to follow all the steps he was reading off, nothing worked. Told him there had been a power outage for a few minutes late Saturday night/Sunday morning. He said it sounded like to him a power surge might have short circuited my ethernet card (which I highly doubted). He also suggested waiting overnight to see if the light would turn green again. Around 1:30am last night (according to Andrew, he was up around that time since school's out the next two days) the light turned green again and the internets started working again. This was about two hours after I got hold of the Indian and he kept saying it was probably a problem here, instead of their end. If the problem was HERE, I doubt it would have "fixed itself"!
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