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Why does "at&t" hate me so much? Before I left for work today, both phone and DSL went completely out AGAIN, yet mom's phone next door was working fine as usual. Called them from her phone, gave them a few pieces of my mind, and they said, once again, they'd set me as a "priority", and I should be up and running by 6pm tomorrow. Just got home a few minutes ago, son was already in bed, there was a door hanger sitting on my desk from the pinheads, apparently they serviced my phone around 2:25 this afternoon, with the box on the back checked that said, "We have completed our work and your line works outside; please check your phone inside."

Well, so far, everything seems to be functioning again... since I'm able to make this post... and the phone has a dial tone again.

There is also a line on that piece of paper that says, "At at&t, our goal is for you to be Very Satisfied with the service we have provided." They sure have a funny way of trying to achieve that goal...letting my phone and internet completely die nearly every other week!
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