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Coupla random updates before leaving for work

It was rediculously busy at work yesterday... can't count the times I had to restock the milk and eggs... course it was the first of the month... the day a lot of low income people with small children get their "W.I.C." vouchers to get various food items for free. I was so worn out after I got home, I didn't even bother to turn the 'puter on... just went straight to bed! Working 1-10pm today, expecting a lot of business today also, EVERY Saturday is busy!

Got an email from my webhost this morning. There used to be a maximum amount of storage and bandwidth you could use with the plan I have, now they've upgraded the plan to include "Unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and email storage", for the same price I was paying before.

Mom has taken Andrew to the doctor. Nothing serious, just sinus problems, which everyone who lives in the state of Louisiana tends to have. They probably won't be back till after I leave for work in a few minutes.
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