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Day In Review

Business at work today was "hectic" to say the least. The local annual "Krewe of Janus" Mardi Gras Parade was happening this evening, and it usually brings in all sorts of dregs from the surrounding areas. Last year, it was estimated over a million spectators were present. Knew it was going to be a rough day when I pulled into the parking lot around 12:40 this afternoon. The Wal-Mart Supercenter has a huge parking lot, and it was FULL all the way out to the street.

Things slowed down a bit around 6 this evening though, around the time the parade was supposed to start, and stayed a bit calm until I left the store around 9:45.

On the way home, I saw where one automobile accident happened on Thomas Road(the main thorofare in the town), looked like a "rear ender", and before I got home, saw two more instances of people pulled over by the sheriff's department (and I only live 4 miles from my workplace). Looks like the nuts were out in force after the parade, as usual.

Just as an afterthought... video footage of the parade might have made an interesting vlog post, since I now have a camcorder, but I had to work... so there you go...
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