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More Random Updates

Just posting a couple of things, before having to be at work from 1-10pm today...

Got my "one-year" evaluation at work yesterday (even though it was a month early). Apparently, they like the job I'm doing. They gave me a 40¢/hour raise (ain't much I know, compared to what some people make... but every little bit helps!).

Andrew made good on his report card this week. Mom gave him the standard $5 for every "A" he made. He used it to buy a freggin' "pay as you go" cell phone. You know how I feel about those things. Told him he's responsible for his own "minutes"... neither me or his grandmother are buying them for him!

Bought an extra battery for the camcorder I bought recently. The one supplied with it is only good for around 70 minutes fully charged. New battery is supposed to last around 6½ hours fully charged. Not sure when/if I'll ever need that much power, but just in case, I'll have it! After my employee discount, managed to get the new battery for around $10 less than what Sony charges for it on their website.

The day I bought the new battery, also bought the DVD sets of seasons 2 and 3 of "Gomer Pyle-USMC". Always liked that show while watching the reruns when I was growing up (local station used to air it weekdays after school), and they are just as funny now as they were back then. Jim Nabors and Frank Sutton had a great chemistry together. Of course, that puts me even further behind in my DVD viewing... got an ever increasing stack of discs I need to finish watching... mainly only have time to watch them on my days off (mostly Mondays and Tuesdays since I got moved "inside" the store).

Eastwood just brought a semi-conscience waterbug in here and sat it by my feet... who needs to pay an exterminator with a cat in the house?

I've got one set of my "work clothes" out in the dryer. I have two dark blue polo shirts I prefer to wear out of the 5 that I have. The two mentioned have a pocket, the other three don't. Springtime comes up, I'm going to see if Wal-Mart gets more of the pocketed ones in, and buy a few more, so I don't have to wash as often. Probably invest in a couple more pairs of khaki pants also. All they have now are "winter" clothes, even though it's rarely dropped under 40F since winter started here.

Back at my job, the guy immediately over me, has told the manager repeatedly he'd prefer me to work 10am-7pm on Saturdays and Sundays (especially Sundays, because Wilbur is there by himself from 5am-1pm that day if I'm scheduled at 1pm), yet even this weekend, they have me down for the 1-10pm shift. Being Tony also comes in at 1pm those days, really don't need two people coming in at the same time. If I came in at 10am, at least there would be a "mid-shift" person there to even things out, since only three people in the dairy section are scheduled on Sundays.
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