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Home for the holiday

Just got home about an hour and a half ago from the "madhouse" that is Wally World on Xmas Eve. Not sure why people wait so late to do their shopping. Several people were irate when told at 6pm, "Sorry, we're closed." The store closed at 6pm today, reopens at 6am Wednesday.

After getting home, first thing I usually do is shower. Tonight, however, Andrew was anxious to open his gifts, so my mother came over, I drug out the new camcorder, and taped him opening his gifts. A telescope, a video game, and the PS3. Once he saw the PS3, everything else went on the back burner. He wasn't even paying any attention to what my mother was saying to him. It came with the "Spiderman 3" movie on Blu-Ray disc, he thought at first he wouldn't be able to watch it, because his TV is a plain ol' "standard def". I explained that the movie would play on the TV, it just wouldn't have a "high def" picture. Hopefully, I'll get some excerpts from the vid up soon... too exhaused to mess with it this evening.

Tonight, I'm just going to have a few "cool ones", park myself in the living room awhile, and continue to TRY and get caught up on my DVD viewing... still have the rest of "Saturday Night Live: The Complete Second Season" and the box set I ordered from Amazon a couple of weeks ago of series 6 thru 10 of "Are You Being Served?"(bought the set of series 1 thru 5 nearly 4 years ago at Suncoast)...
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