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Writing this in "Notepad" for post later...

Writing this in "Notepad" for post later...

If you haven't seen anything from me at all online since VERY early Tuesday morning, it is because both my phone and DSL have been out since then (typing this around 10:20am Thursday morning). Turns out one of those dump trucks that constantly go up and down this road hit a pole Tuesday morning, that pole had an AT&T box at the base of it, and at the time, most of the people on the road were without phone service. The "gaggle" of AT&T pinheads that were at the place of the accident told me later that morning when I drove up there, they were waiting for a new pole to be brought in, and service would be restored "shortly".

Around 9am that morning, a person from Andrew's school brings him home. School nurse diagnosed him with strep throat yet again (second time this year). School had tried to call both me and my mother, but couldn't get through. She took him to get his prescription, I waited around to see if the phone would be fixed (it was during that time that I drove up the road to see what the fark was going on).

Fast forward to around 6:30pm Tuesday evening. My mothers phone (she lives right next door) started working again, and yet I still had no dial tone... still no DSL. I use her phone to call the morons at AT&T, explained the situation, told them about how the school had tried to call, and that I NEED phone service. The representative on the line said he would put my restoration at a "high priority", and would "credit" my bill for two days. Well, now it is 10:32am Thursday, still no dial tone, no DSL. I went next door, called them again, estimated time of phone service is 6pm today. My first thought was, "WTF?!?" If that is what they consider "high priority", how long would they take to do just a "regular" repair call? Three months?!? Service wasn't even this bad when "HellSouth" was in charge of this area!

I can just imagine the amount of unread emails, LiveJournal posts, TotalFark links I'll have to wade through once services do get restored! Andrew is pissed also. He can't get any emails from his girlfriend or call her. He keeps nagging me for a cell phone... but anyone who has read my posts in the past knows how I feel about those things! Told him, if he wants one, he'll have to get it himself.

Only other option for "land-line based" phone and internet (bypassing AT&T's lines completely) in my area is Comcrap cable, and after dealing with cable companies in the past, I consider AT&T the lesser of the two evils... wish the government had never broken up "Ma Bell"... at least in those days, they were "required" to provide good service!

I won't know if my service has been restored probably until I get home from work tonight around 10pm. If it hasn't been, I'm liable to go ballistic!

UPDATE: Home from work now (it's about 10 minutes till 11pm), everything appears to be operating normally. Time will tell.
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