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Today, when I was about to clock out for my lunch break, the Customer Service Manager Terrie asked me to look over a "revised" version of this weeks schedule, to see if it agreed with the one I had. Turns out, it was completely different! To begin with, the revised version had me listed as "Off" for today, while the earlier one I had written down a few days ago had me working 12-9pm, which is the shift I came in today to work. Being I had already been there for half the shift by that time, they let me finish the shift out, rescheduled Chris to come in from 9am-6pm tomorrow, and gave me tomorrow off instead (I was originally scheduled off Tuesday and Friday this week). They made the changes to the schedule YESTERDAY...I was off yesterday! They didn't bother to call to tell me of the change either! What am I supposed to be, a freggin' mind reader?!?

In other news from work today, saw a girl I used to work with at Burger King back in the 80's... we had went out a couple of times, most notably to see the movie "Fletch" in the theater. Jodi is now working at the Farmerville post office, and has three kids, the oldest she said is now 20 (makes me feel ancient!). We chatted a bit out on the parking lot, gave each other a big hug, and she went into the store to "spend some money", as she said. She is still entirely "hittable" in my opinion (never "hit it" back then).

Bought two DVD sets from the $5 bin before leaving this evening. Both are 4-DVD sets. One is a collection of 20 Alfred Hitchcock directed movies from the 20's-30's, early in his career, some of the movies silent, like "The Lodger". The other contains 50 episodes of the TV series "One Step Beyond". Being both are "public domain" releases, I'm not expecting A-Number-One picture quality, but they should be entertaining nontheless.
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