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A Few Random Updates

The boy went back to school today, after being out nearly two days with strep throat. Those 850mg antibiotic caplets work fast!

Schedule at work has been severely FUCKED up since Miranda, the former CSM who moved to be the manager over "toys" left. The other CSM's seem clueless on how to have the proper amount of people on any given shift... a chimpanzee could do a better jorb! STILL waiting for the idiots to get someone else hired, so me and Chris can FINALLY get moved to an inside the store position!

Bought a new coffee maker today. Old GE branded one started acting strangely... albeit "dangerously"... light on the power switch would go off on its own, coffee would get cold... turn the switch off and back on, you could see sparks behind the switch. Replaced it with a "Black & Decker" brand, which I bought at work with my employee discount, cost a total of $22.46 plus tax. Has one of those "new-fangled" filters, the kind you just wash and re-use.

Today, before going to work (got the 2-11pm shift the next couple of weeks), ordered volume 2 of the "W.C Fields Collection" from Amazon. Discovered via DVD Talk's website that Amazon had a sale on certain Universal Home Video box sets. List price of the set is $59.99... getting it for $28.49, with free shipping. Glad I put off buying it for a while! Universal needs to put out a volume 3 eventually to round out his major movies!

Long overdue, finally added two programs to the "Shameless Plugs" page of my website... forgot to add them until I got an email from someone asking me to add his software to that page. Thing is, that page is only for software that I actually USE! Never heard of his, and didn't have an urge to even try it, since it had no trial period. Didn't pay much attention to the name of it either, because it might have been some kind of malware. But, that email made me think that I use VLC Player and Roxio Easy Media Creator on a regular basis, and they weren't on the page, so I added them when I got in from work (and after cleaning out the new coffee maker so it'd be ready in the morning). Maybe I need to add Semagic's LiveJournal client also sometime soon....
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