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Forgot to mention earlier...

When I went to the hospital about my leg last week, before I saw the doctor, they took my weight (190 lbs), temperature (98.6F), and blood pressure. The nurse asked if I had high blood pressure. I told her not that I was aware of. I looked at the paper where she was writing everything down, and it said my blood pressure was 150 over 92 (which, according to her is kind of on the "high" end). Well, the doctor didn't say anything about it, so guess she didn't think it was of any urgency. My mother has loaned me her blood pressure monitor so I can test it a couple of times a day. This morning it read 138 over 94. Looked up online what was "normal", and systolic (top number) should be less than 120, and diastolic (bottom number) should be less than 80.

According to the American Heart Associations website, if my "readings" keep running the same as these past two, I'm in the "neighborhood" of "Stage 1" hypertension. Going to keep it monitored a couple of times a day for a couple of weeks, if it doesn't go down, I'll make an appointment at LSU Medical Center-Monroe to get it checked out.

I was already scheduled "off" today, so continuing to rest the leg. When I woke up this morning, it seemed most of the pain moved from my upper thigh down to my knee. Not planning on going anywhere today, went ahead and took a pain pill and a muscle relaxer (the latter makes me feel like my head is spinning). Working 2-11pm both Wednesday and Thursday.
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