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A little good newz, a little bad newz...

First, the bad news... Went back to work yesterday after being off a couple of days with my painful leg. I was doing alright the first couple of hours, then the pain returned in force! Took one of my prescription pain pills, it didn't help one bit! But, I managed to "tough it out" and complete my 8-hour shift. After I got home, I took one of the prescribed muscle relaxer pills, and about half an hour later, the pain decreased substantially. Only bad thing about the latter medicine, it makes me a bit dizzy.. feel like I'm floating on clouds... wouldn't want to take those at work! Pain had started to return a couple of hours ago, so, since it had been 8 hours since my last dose, I took another. Since I was already scheduled to be off today and tomorrow, and have nowhere I need to go, I figured it'd be safe. Going to relax that leg as much as possible between now and Wednesday, when I work a 2-11pm shift.

Now for a bit of "good" news... Allen, one of my managers at work, brought me into the office last night around 9:30. He is putting me "inside" as of next week! I'll be a grocery stocker, and my shift will be mainly the 2-11pm one... maybe I won't have my hours shifted around every day quite as much as I do now as a result (hope not anyway, don't get much rest with my current schedule). The new position will also include a 40¢/hour raise in pay (every little bit helps!). For some reason, Wal-Mart pays the cart collectors the least out of any other department, and if you ask me, it's the most strenuous position there is, especially since you have to be outside all day in the heat, cold, rain, etc. No wonder they have a hard time keeping people for that position!

Well, all I have for the moment. Going to spend the next couple of hours here in front of the 'pooter and try to get caught up on the forums and newsgroups I read regularly, while listening to podcasts of Leo Laporte's Tech Guy radio show (haven't had a full weekend off in ages, so I've been missing it "live"), and "This Week in Tech"...
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