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Leg update

Last night, my leg didn't pain me NEAR as much as the previous nights. The meds the doctor at the hospital prescribed seem to be doing their job. Been taking his advice and trying to stay off the leg as much as possible. I fully hope to go back to work tomorrow (may need to call them early in the morning to see what time I'm supossed to be there, forgot to write my schedule down for next week, and so far, haven't heard anything back from two of my co-workers that I sent a bulletin on MySpace to, asking them if they could check for me. Would call today, but I doubt they'd have time to look it up... Saturdays are hell there!). Doctor wrote on my work excuse to stay off from Oct. 11-13, so I have proof to show why I couldn't work.

Only caveat I see about going back to work tomorrow, I'll be a bit woozy, still have to take the meds until they are finished.
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