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Off day, bad leg, moms colonoscopy...

Off today, took my mother to the Ouachita Community Hospital so she could get a colonoscopy done. She noticed blood in her stool last Thursday, decided she better get things checked out. Dr. Raines is waiting for the biopsy, but is sure nothing malignant is there, just most likely an inflamation, which should be easily treated. They are supposed to call her back in two days for the final result. She was told to not eat all day yesterday, so she was plenty hungry when she got home a few minutes ago!

In other news, I've had a bad pain in my left leg, which started Sunday evening at work. If I suddenly step down on that leg, a sharp pain runs to the bottom of my leg, up half my body, causing me to grit my teeth. Worked with it like that yesterday, trying to rest it today, before having to return to work tomorrow. Strange thing, if I'm standing or sitting still, I barely feel any pain... but if I lye down, the pain is more persistant. I'm guessing I pulled a muscle somehow. If it hasn't improved much by Friday (my next day off), I'll go "brave the wait" at LSU Medical Center-Monroe to see a doctor (hates those nearly all-day waits)...

Now, I'm off to the living room to watch more of my unwatched DVD pile...
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