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Bahrain? WTF?!?

Shortly before I left for work this morning, my mom came over and said since she hadn't heard from my Aunt Mona (her sister) in quite some time, she tried to call her home phone and cellphone, and discovered both have been disconnected. She contacted my Uncle Bill, who now lives in Mississippi, and he said the last he heard from her was around a month ago, via email. Apparently she left Alabama, and has followed her daughter to the country of Bahrain. Her daughter had married a guy from over there, and according to my uncle, my aunt also nearly married another guy from there. My aunt has been there since July, and never bothered to inform my mom or any other members of the family except Uncle Bill.

Now, honestly, I remember my aunt saying a couple of years ago she really didn't approve of her daughter going over there... and now, she's over there! I'm thinking, either my aunt has finally "gone off the deep end" (even further than she usually is), or she's somehow been brainwashed or threatened by those people over there. Those people are freggin' insane in that part of the world! To top things off, my mom is fairly certain my aunt wouldn't have the money to come back if she wanted to... and we certainly wouldn't be able to help her... she got herself into this, she can get herself out (my mom's words, not mine)!
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