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Worst day at the job EVAH....

I've had some "bad days" in the past at work, but today, Thursday, September 27th, 2007 will go down in infamy...

1] The managers neglected to adjust the schedule for the one cart person that got moved "inside" last week, thus, no person came in at 7am.

2] When I got there at 9am, carts were seriously piled up on the lot, so I started to attempt to play "catch up".

3] Couldn't catch up until the next person came in at 11am, because of one "carry out" after another.

4] An old lady pulled right out in front of a "train" of carts a co-worker and I had on the machine, as a result she wound up with a busted front parking light, and an accident report was filed by one of the managers. (I swear no customer on that lot ever pays attention where they are going... IDIOTS!)

5] Another crazy lady bought a 42" Vizio LCD HDTV... we got it out to her vehicle... a freggin' Chevy Malibu! Barely got the thing in her back seat!

6] Because of all the above, I got my lunch break an hour and 15 minutes late...

Sooo... how was YOUR day?

Only bright two bright spots of the day... I'm off tomorrow... and found two great movies at work VERY cheap... Alfred Hitchcock's "Lifeboat" ($5.00), and "Barefoot in the Park" ($3.98). A co-worker friend saw a couple she was going to get after work also... she took them to electronics to scan them to make sure they were priced as marked, and they were.
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