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General Updates and Rants

They let mom come home from the hospital yesterday. After running the probe through her arteries, they realized there was actually nothing wrong with her heart after all. So, they do numerous scans on her lungs to try to determine why she is getting so short of breath so easily. Nothing wrong in her lungs either. Now, since they noticed some fluid build-up on her legs, they are treating her for "fluid build-up", thinking that may be the problem. They prescribed her some fluid pills and some potassium pills to take, and she goes back to her doctor in two weeks.

In other news, it rained on me ALL DAY yesterday on the Wal-Mart parking lot. I was soaked by the time I left work! I was wearing a rain poncho, but I sweated like a pig in that thing, meaning I got just as wet with sweat as would have not even wearing the thing!

To top the miserable day off, when I get home, my internet connection is "barely there", can't get sync at all. Reboot the computer, modem, and router, still no go. Pick up the phone to call BellSouth AT&T, get a recorded thing where I answer "Yes" or "No" to its questions. There is so much crackling and buzzing in the line, the recording keeps telling me, "I'm sorry, I cannot understand your answer. Could you please repeat?". By that point I'm so annoyed, I go next door to moms and call the phone company from there. The recording said it called my number, and "There does appear to be a problem with your line." No Duh! It also said, estimated time of service would be Friday, September 28th at 4pm. WTF?? Personally, I think with all the rain, water got into the line somewhere between the house and the pole, or between the house and the CO up the road, because this morning, I haven't lost internet connection once...yet anyway. There is still a slight "buzz" in the phone, but no crackling.

Sunny outside at the moment, hoping it stays that way, since I work 2-11pm today...
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