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Day off, from the job at least...

Off today, but have things to do. Currently washing the bed linens, and around 11:30 this morning, I'm running my mother up to Glenwood Hospital. She is having a stent procedure done this afternoon around 2:30. Won't be able to stay up there during it, gotta be home when Andrew gets home from school. They said they will probably keep her overnight for observation, and let her come home sometime tomorrow. I've informed the managers at work I'll be 30-45 minutes late in the morning. Scheduled 7am-4pm, but I'll have to be here to make sure Andrew gets on the school bus around 7:10. If I'm not here, I know for a FACT that he will get sidetracked on something else and forget to go outside to wait for the bus! Mom said she's already contacted Aunt Sybil to come bring her home from the hospital tomorrow, since I'll be at work till 4.

Now, going for my third cup of "Community Dark Roast" coffee... worked till 11pm last night, got to sleep around 1am, got up at 5:30 this morning to see Andrew got up and ready for school... so I'm currently coasting on around 4½ hours of sleep...
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