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Another "Questionaire" Thingy...

Nicked from ellessee, who nicked it from heddan...

1. I hurt: from lack of work and companionship
2. I love: my mother and friends.
3. I hate: my ex wife...the bitch!
4. I cry: if something sets me off,but rarely
5. I fear: heights
6. I hope: ...I find work soon!
7. I sadden: when someone close to me is saddened
8. I feel alone: all the time
9. I kill: insects
10. I talk: a lot after a few drinks!
11. I listen: when someone wants to unburden themselves,but I'm terrible on advice...
12. I break: wind
13. I see: only when my eyes are open
14. I smell: [see number 12]
15. I taste: whatever goes near my tongue
16. I work: here recently, just around the house unfortunantly
17. I remember: only up to about an hour ago
18. I hold: animosity toward the ex wife
19. I hide: nothing...I let it all "hang out"
20. I pray: never
21. I walk: when I have to get up to go do something
22. I drive: only when I have somewhere I need to go
23. I read: occassionally
24. I burn: leaves after they're raked
25. I breathe: to survive
26. I play: compact discs, dvd's, VHS, LP's,cassettes, 45's,etc...
27. I miss: my childhood
28. I touch: anything that doesn't bite or burn
29. I learn: occassionally
30. I feel: like sinuses are having another go at me
31. I know: just enough to get by
32. I've said: too much already...
33. I dream: of Jeannie
34. I have: a whole lot of everything and a whole lot of nothing!
35. I want: Sandra Bullock to sit on my face
36. I fall: only after too many drinks...oh, and that one time I blacked out a year ago
37. I wait: for one of these freakin' places I've applied at several times to call me!!!
38. I need: a hot woman right about now, and a job
39. I live: in a cheapish house

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