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Two days off in a row, who'da thunk?

Starting my first of two days off today. Got a few things to do however. Need to run out to "Sears Roebuck and Co." to see about getting a decent pair of shoes to work in. The previous pair of Reeboks I had "bit the dust" a couple of weeks ago after lasting nearly a year (not bad considering the wear and tear they get on the job). Made the mistake of buying a cheap (less than $20) pair of shoes at Wal-Mart to replace them, and now, less than two weeks later, they are already starting to self-destruct. Going to buy another pair of Reeboks today to replace those.

This afternoon, I have to go to Riser Middle School for another "IEP" (Individualized Education Program) meeting with Andrew's teachers, to see how he's progressing in his learning. Meeting is at 2pm, so I'll probably just bring him home with me... no need for him to catch the bus since school lets out at 3pm.

Mom went to the doctor day before yesterday with a bit of shortness of breath. They x-rayed her chest, lungs looked fine. Then they did a cardiogram, and didn't like something they saw in it, so they set her up an appointment with a cardiologist on September 17th. Possibility she might need a stent put in. Currently, she has gone to the post office, for her retirement breakfast... a little get-together they do for everyone when they retire.

News on the job front: My CSM told me she's working to get me "inside" the store soon, three more cart people are being hired, and once hired and trained, me and one other cart person may be moved in. She asked what I had in my career preferences, and I told her "electronics" and "overnight stocker". She said they are going to position some new overnight stockers soon, and she'd talk with the night manager about getting me on. Advantages to overnight stocking... extra dollar an hour, set off-days, and set hours... no more "turn-arounds"!

Todays "To Do" list:

1.] Get Andrew off to school.
2.] Do a couple of loads of laundry.
3.] Make a decent blog update.
4.] Go to Sears for a decent pair of working shoes, since Wal-Mart's are "craptastic".
5.] Trim my hair a bit. (Yes, I cut my own hair!)
6.] Go to Andrew's IEP meeting at school. (He's doing VERY well!)
7.] Try to watch a few more DVDs... WAYYY behind in watching all I've bought!

Sidenote to all my LJ friends: Haven't forgotten about y'all. Still reading your posts, just haven't had much time or energy with the job to comment as regularly as I used to! :-)
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