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25th Anniversary of the CD

On this, the 25th anniversary of the CD, thought I'd repost the pics of my first CD player, bought in early 1984... thing was a Sears "Proformance" model, weighed nearly 20 pounds, had a huge heat sink in the back, no remote, 16 LED lights to indicate the track playing (anything over that, you had to refer to the case of the CD you were playing), and set me back a cool $599 (cheapest price for a CD player at the time)...

Back then, the only places in town that even sold CDs were Sears and Musicland, and they were usually in a small section in the back of the store. CDs in those days tended to not be released until after they found out how well the LP and cassette sales did first. First two CDs I bought the day I bought the player were The Police "Synchronicity" and Madonna "Like A Virgin" (still have both... heck, still have that player, just don't work anymore... stored in the closet).
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