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Not enough hours in the day... not enough sleep at night...

I tell ya, with the "erratic" schedule I have at my job, I don't have time really to get anything accomplished! When I get home most days, I'm even too tired to check out things online for any length of time... just feel like relaxing in my recliner or the bedroom in front of the television. Usually try to get caught up on things like housework, etc, on my days off, but even that is difficult when the days off aren't together. If I had a "set shift" at work, it'd make things a heck of a lot easier, but hardly anyone there is able to get a "set shift", unless they've been working there umpteen years! Seems to me, if everyone was given a regular shift (not necessarily the same days off however), that the schedules there would be easier for the management to make out. But this is Wal-Mart I'm ranting about... they have their heads up their asses 98.99% of the time. IF I could get the same shift every day, I'd prefer the 7am-4pm one, that way I'd have a little free time in the evenings for my son.

Since I have to be to work at 9am this morning (about an hour and a half from now), my mom has taken the day off to take my son for his first day of the new school year(7th grader). She's also taking tomorrow off so she'll be here when he gets out of school, since today and tomorrow are "half-days", "full days" don't start till Thursday.

Not sure if it was intentionally scheduled, or a fluke, but I'm listed as "off" on the schedule for next Tuesday... the day I turn another year older. The next two days after that, however, I'll probably feel yet another year older... "turn-around" at work... 2pm-11pm next Wednesday, 7am-4pm next Thursday... uggh....
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