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Partly Full Time?

Haven't posted in a while with anything significant, been working so much, then being too tired to bother posting after work (working 10am-7pm today).

Nearly had an accident this morning after dropping Andrew off at the Boys & Girls Club. Some idiot pulled right out in front of me on Smith Street. Had to slam on my brakes.

They have finally hired two new guys for clearing the parking lot of carts at work. The "load" is getting a bit lighter as a result. They should have been hired three months ago though!

I came close to working 7 days straight this week, after the CSM changed my day off from today to last Sunday. That meant, after I came back Monday, I wouldn't have another day off till next Monday. In the break room, the personnel manager overheard me telling another CSM that I'd probably be "dragging my feet" by Sunday afternoon as a result, and she told the CSM that would have to be changed, because you can't work 7 days in a row, it's "against the law"... something I never knew before. So, now, my next day off is this Saturday. Andrew's counselor will be by sometime that day (need to ask him when Andrew's next appointment at Cognitive Development is), and it will give me the opportunity to listen to Leo Laporte's radio show live online, instead of having to download the podcast later.

Apparently, myself and two other cart people were originally hired as "part-time employees", yet, ever since we started (I started back in February), we have been working full 40-hour work weeks, yet are STILL listed as "part-time" in the system... meaning not eligible for the benefits when they would start to kick in after a year of employment. The CSM (Customer Service Manager) over my department and Mary, the personnel manager, have been talking to the assistant manager over us to get our status changed to "full-time". I'll update on this situation when I know more.

/thinks it's just Wal-Mart's way of weaseling out of offering benefits...
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