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Not even at work yet, and already sweating...

Yesterday evening, the air unit stopped putting out cool air. Called "Bell Heating and Air", they sent a guy out this morning. Turns out the compressor in the unit has blown out, meaning it'd be cheaper to replace the whole unit. He said he needs to check the date code on the coils inside the house also, to see if they will be compatible with the new unit. If not, those will have to be replaced. Bad thing, being this is a weekend, the coil part would be more than a one man job, and everyone else is out for the weekend, meaning, it might be tomorrow or Tuesday before the house would have cool air again... and the temperature outside is supposed to be in the 90's through that time. Guess I'll be sweating on the Wal-Mart parking lot AND here at home the next day or so, if it can't get fixed today.

Guess the son and I could go next door and stay with my mom in her trailer till it gets fixed... not sure how well Eastwood and my moms cat would get along though...

UPDATE: The repair guy just called back. He'll be here between 12:30-1:30 this afternoon. Only the outside unit needs replacing. The coils inside are compatible, since they were just replaced in 2004.
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