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Tired x 2...

I am completely worn out! Yesterday at work, they had no one else scheduled to come in to help out on the parking lot until 1pm. Today, they had someone scheduled for 10am, but they didn't show up until 2pm, with the excuse, "Oh, I must have looked at the wrong week on the schedule." Bull Hockey! The guy that was late getting there is one of the ones I mentioned in a previous post that always either calls in or doesn't show up, or is always late getting to work, and THEN all he does is stand around most of the time talking to people. I think the reason the two main "slackers" don't get fired or disciplined properly reason, and one reason only... their skin color! Wal-Mart is probably sooo afraid they'll be hit with yet another "discrimination" lawsuit, they don't want to take the proper actions...

I'm so pooped at the moment, all I feel like doing is to go sit in my comfy chair in the living room, have some cool beverages, and watch some more of the TV DVD's I bought recently. I'll be able to sleep a little longer in the morning... don't have to be at work till 10am...
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