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Guestbook Trolls

Well, awoke this morning, checked my emails, discovered my first "Guestbook Troll". Someone calling themselves "FBI" located at "None of your business", attempted to leave a comment I believe to be referring to the "School Years Crushes" page on my website (they didn't elaborate on what they were referring to, but wasn't hard to put 2 and 2 together), stating things like I "needed to get some ass instead of posting pictures of 'those women'" and "they thought you were some kind of 'freak' in elementary school", and "I hope they never discover your website". Good thing the asshat was too chicken to leave a real name and email address... they would have gotten an "earfull" back from me! Luckily I have comments on my website guestbook set to "Approve" or "Deny", that way I can screen them... had to "Deny" some spam in the past...

In work related news, my schedule yesterday originally said I would be working from 10am-4pm, but when I got there, on the flow chart, they had written down 10am-7pm. I was kind of "geared up" for a "short day" before reading that. Guess they needed me to stick around because of the Memorial Day weekend. Today, I'm on the computer printed schedule for 10am-4pm... watch 'em change it today also!
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