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Another rant about cell phones

You know, I got mildly "irked" by people constantly yapping on cell phones before starting my new job... but now they have me feeling kind of "stabby". Can't count the number of times on the parking lot, while trying to get carts collected, that I've nearly been run over by some idiot holding their steering wheel with one hand, and using the other hand to hold a cell phone. Also... idiots who are backing out of a parking space, trying to maneuver their steering wheel with one hand while yapping away on the phone. Oh, and another HUGE annoyance for me, those people coming out of the store pushing a shopping cart with one hand, with only two small plastic bags in it, and holding a phone up to their ear with the other hand. My words to them, "Turn off the fucking phone and carry those two bags out! Don't make my job more difficult just because you feel like you need to talk 24/7!!"

And WTF is the deal with all these morons walking around with those small phone things clipped to their ears?!? Just go ahead and get a phone receiver surgically implanted in your heads, you idiots!

I hope they can prove cell phones are responsible for the declining honey bee populations... and outlaw the damn things! Without bees to pollinate the plants, plants start to die off. Plants die off, all living life on the planet will die off... including US.

/rant over (for now)
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