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I've somehow gotten another "three day weekend" this weekend because of my erratic days off. Currently sitting here listening to the podcast of last Saturday's Leo Laporte radio show.

Still not sure what kind of snake that was, but it seems to have left, perhaps out of boredom... gets boring around this house at times.

One of our cart people at work lost his job the other day... I think he smarted off at a night manager. We've been even more short handed ever since!

My son got his yearbook today... when did yearbooks start getting printed in color?

Think I discovered why I kept getting "USB bandwidth exceeded" errors on the new 'puter. Just as an experiment, I bought a new USB hub today, hooked it up, errors ceased. Guess Vista and the ol' Belkin hub I bought back in 2001 just didn't "get along" well.

Watched the movie "The Hills Have Eyes" for the first time last night on HBO... geesh that's a gory film!

So far on my job, I've seen two old schoolmates I haven't seen since high school... Sherri Bolin and Suzanne Grey. Sherri is driving one of those state vans that transport the elderly around. Suzanne said she visits my website two or three times a month. That announcement made me wonder, "Is that good or bad??". Sherri said she doesn't have a computer... which seems to be the case with most of the people I went to school with, even most of my close friends to this day. Guess some people avoid computers in the same way I avoid cell phones.

Andrew brought home a note saying the school is having an "Awards Day" on the 11th, at 9am, and Andrew will be given an award or a certificate. I'm going to try to be there, I'm scheduled to go to work at 11am that day. If it dosen't run over an hour and a half, I'll be able to stay for the whole thing.

When did compact flash cards get so cheap? I saw one at Wal-Mart, 1GB storage, for less than 30 bucks... paid nearly $60 for the 32MB one I bought in 2001...

Andrew's class is having a field trip to Kiroli Park on May 16th. On the consent form, they asked for two emergency numbers... home and cell. I listed home and my work. A message to people who write those forms... "NOT EVERYONE OWNS OR EVEN WANTS A FREGGIN' CELLPHONE!!!!"
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  • More Random Facts About Me

    Two things I haven't done in over 20 years... 1. Went to a movie theater. 2. Had sex.

  • Even More Random Facts

    I never get on boats, since I never learned to swim. I never get on planes, since I never learned to fly.

  • Random Fact

    I've NEVER liked going to bars, nightclubs, or parties. Not real keen on "eating out" either. Think it's an aversion to crowds.

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