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A little "excitement" at my place of employment yesterday...

I missed the excitement, since I didn't go to work until 2pm yesterday, but this is what happened, as reported on KTVE-10's website:

"Suspected arson at Monroe, LA Wal-Mart
Thursday, April 19th

The search continues for two men suspected of starting a fire at Wal-Mart. Police say two men entered the Monroe, LA Wal-Mart on Louisville Avenue around noon today. When inside, one man headed to the menswear department where he allegedly started a fire. Police say a similar incident happened at the Wal-Mart in West Monroe around 10 this morning. If you have any information on the men responsible for this crime, you are asked to call the Monroe or West Monroe police departments, or Crimestoppers at (318) 388 CASH. (Written by Matthew Segura, © NBC10/FOX14 News, All rights reserved.)"

Today, however, most people seemed to be talking about the passing of Sam Walton's widow. A table with a wreath and a plaque saying "In Memory of Helen Walton" was placed at the entranceway of both sides of the store.

In other news, picked up season two of both "Happy Days" and "Mork & Mindy" after work today. Bought the first seasons of each over two years ago. Why the long wait between purchases? Simple... Paramount waited this long to release the second seasons! THEN, when they DO release them, they are in completely different packaging than the first seasons. Both the first seasons were 4-DVD's in seperate slimline cases in a cardboard cover. Both second seasons are 4-DVD's in a standard plastic DVD sized box with a "flipper" in it, and one DVD practically overlapping the other. The sets won't match well on the shelf! Also, both of the new seasons have a small "disclaimer" on the back, "Music has been changed for this home entertainment version.". Now, that won't matter much on "Mork & Mindy" I don't think, but it might on "Happy Days"... lots of good 50's songs in the background on the jukebox at "Arnold's". All because of the greedy RIAA bastards. Why can't they go ahead and license the music for a very low fee? Being the music is in the background, it's not like someone can take the song and "pirate" it! Plus, someone buys the "Happy Days" DVD's and hears a song in the background they like, they might actually go out and BUY music from that artist! No, I just guess the RIAA doesn't care about making money... bastards!

/rant over, now return you to your regularly scheduled program...
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