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Well, guess it worked out pretty good this week...

My mom changed her off-day at the post office from Monday to Saturday recently. This week, I'm off work tomorrow (Monday). Andrew has no school tomorrow, still out for the Easter holidays, he goes back Tuesday. I go back to work Tuesday. I'll be home tomorrow to keep an eye on him since my mom returns to work after taking last week off to watch after him on his school break. So, Andrew will have supervision steadily at home and at school this week. Seems everything fell into place this week. Follow?

In other news, one of our CSM's (Customer Service Managers) at work revealed in the break room to someone that she had a "MySpace" page. The other person mentioned they were going to try and look up her profile. Tonight, not having anything better to do, I decided to try to look up her profile myself. Found it, after going through over 100 search page results. Clicked the "Add as Friend" link... not sure if I'll get beat up when I return to work or not as a result of that. Guess I'm just a bit "crazy" doing things like that. Not sure either when she'll see I clicked that link, since she mentioned she doesn't have a computer.

Also, I tend to like the "feel" of this new wired keyboard and mouse over the wireless ones that came with the new computer. Guess because they "feel" more like the ones on the old computer, and I was used to them.

My sinuses have been going haywire the past few days, because of the cold snap we suddenly got after the 80° temps we had started getting. Got down in the 30's last night, and in the 50's as a high today. Temps are supposed to be getting back to "seasonable norms" around Wednesday. Hope they get here and stick this time, for my heads sake!

Tomorrow, I have some "catching up" to do laundry wise. Bet I have at least three loads worth, not counting the bed linens. I'll be giving the ol' Maytag washer and dryer quite a workout!

Eastwood has had a habit lately of getting in the bathroom sink and looking up at the air vent in the ceiling. I've investigated, can't figure out what he sees in it. Next time I catch him in the sink, I'm going to turn on the faucet, and get his reaction (probably won't be a "positive" one).

I just realized I missed the HBO-West feed of "The Sopranos" final season first episode (didn't really get in early enough to watch the regular HBO feed). Oh, well... it IS HBO after all... they'll show it again... and again... and again...
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