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School's Out

The "Beaver" "Drew" will be out of school for the spring break until April 10. My mother is taking the time off to watch him while I'm working. I'll finally be off again tomorrow and Tuesday, after working six days straight, and I plan on doing as much of "nothing" those two days that I can, although I have to take him to "Cognitive Development" Tuesday afternoon for his monthly doctors appointment (for his prescription refill), and sign some papers that give my mother permission to bring him in case I can't get off work on his appointment day.

Had to use some "self-control" at work yesterday. One of the managers, Stephanie, was leaving for the day, and she passed by me on the parking lot and asked how things were going. I said things were okay, and she said, "Well, have a good one then." as she left. I was sooo tempted to reply, "Thanks, but I already have a 'good one', I just never get a chance to use it!"...

Gotta get ready for work now... working 10am-7pm today...
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